Start A Crayon Drive At Your School Or Organization

This program is an excellent teaching tool, as well as a great way to recycle broken and well-loved crayons. It teaches kids the responsibility we have to our environment and the processes involved in recycling. This is a recycling program that allows kids to really do something to help the earth on their level.

Every child has crayons, they’re everywhere!!! Rather than discarding them why not let “” recycle them. We all know that when we discard or throw things in the trash they end up in the landfills. Landfills are in short supply and waste management companies are looking for new locations to put a landfill. Most people don’t want a landfill in their “backyard” so why not try to recycle and reuse to keep as much as we can from being placed in our landfills.


You can find more information in the letter to Parents, Faculty and Administration by clicking button below. Labels for your recycling containers are included with the letter.

Crayons-4-Crayons Letter


You don’t want this in your backyard.

The best part of the program is the Crayons-4-Crayons Exchange. For every pound (a little more than 100 crayons) you will receive a set of new “Recolor Our World All-Star Crayons” made from recycled crayons. They are star shaped for the recycling all-stars the kids have become. Since we do not add or remove anything from the crayons during the recycling process, they are still as safe as the non-toxic ones you use every day.

You may contact us for shipping instructions or we will gladly come to your location (if you are within our pickup area) to pick up your “well-loved” crayons and send you some “Recolor Our World All-Star Crayons” for every pound of crayons you donate.

Remember to recycle the crayons you get from restaurants, leftover crayons from around school as well as those around the house. We encourage schools to place a Crayon Recycle Bin or box in the corner of the classrooms to make it easier for the students to recycle their crayons.

Please do not remove the wrappers, they can get messy and during the recycling process, they are turned into Eco-Fire Starters so everything part of the crayon gets recycled. If you would like to sort them by color you may, but it is not required. will accept them in any condition.